How you can make your packaging unique?

Well, first of all with great design. Your designer can be professional or a talented hobbyist, a strong graphic design is a match half won. And you can enhance any design to perfection with one or all of the following techniques

Hot stamping

If you need glossy or metallic look and colours. You can combine it endlessly with relief or silk screening.

Slik screening

The technology creates a three-dimensional, glossy surface. When combined with a hot stamping, the result is beautiful and contrasting. The silk screen is a very dense, transparent, glossy layer of varnish that is applied to the print over the specified graphic motif, creating an accentuated, eye-catching surface.


We can emboss or de-boss depending your needs. The area underneath can be printed or left blank. Latter is called blind embossing.

Special technologies

Double hot stamping
A duplicated process to re-stamp the already hot stamped surface.

Micro-engraved hot stamping
The technology allows the application of unique graphic or textures in the stamped area with the help of the hot stamping tool.

Foil covered silk screening
A special foil laid into the screened surface to make the embossed design stand out from the surface of the label.

Security labels
The technology can be used to effectively protect against product tampering and counterfeiting.

Mosaic printing
Digital printing allows your labels to carry variable data, which can be extended to the whole graphic. From a predefined repository, the computer generates random colours, shapes and graphics directly at the time of printing. The technology allows each label to be unique.

Fluorescent screening
The use of fluorescent pigment mixed into the varnish to draw attention to your product even in dark environments.

A limited number of products can be easily marked with this additional technology.


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